Hi I’m Sara

Hi I’m Sara. I coach health conscious people who want professional coaching on how to get their body to feel, look and do all it should!  Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and seeking direction can be a frustrating and exhausting merry-go-round. Sound familiar?

I have extensive experience in coaching people from all abilities physically and mentally stuck in finding the correct course of action to achieve their goals.

My coaching methods come with kind words and strong cues, with my total attention to detail to give each client their individual tools to get all the energy, mobility and happiness they want!

With 10 years qualified & thousands of hours working with individuals I view myself as a always growing recourse for my clients.

The idea that health requires an integration of all aspects of a person and that each one of us is unique, has inspired a set of core principles that direct every single element of Powered by Life’s approach – Founder Sara LiDonni.

My mission is to help people learn, practice and master their unique formula for optimal health, top fitness and body transformation.

My philosophy is based on Personalization, Customization, Education, Implementation and Transformation. MOVE – MEASURE – MASTER!